Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Big update, because we dropped the ball so hard the last few days.

As it turns out, We haven't been keeping you all in the loop as much as we thought!  The last pictures we posted were from Chattanooga TN, and we have done a lot of shit since then! SO I am going to give you a quick rundown via pictures. 

SO, after Chattanooga TN, we drove through the Smoky Mountains, this is us and the Boston Boys looking over some mountains...Pretty awesome.

Here we are at the Tennessee, North Carolina line...if you couldn't tell.

So the first town you hit in North Carolina coming down from the top of the Smoky mountains is called Cherokee.  It is a really kitsch Indian town full of shitty trinkets and apparently they hold Bull Rides in parking lots here.  Trevor had to be a part of it, if he okays it we may even share the video...

So this is me eating meat for the first time in 3 months.  Luella's BBQ in Asheville NC gets the honor of stopping my meat abstinence.  Pulled Pork is my Achilles heal.  It was glorious.

The Boston Boys left us in Asheville.  They made it back to Boston that night, safely.  No one knows how.   We drove down to Atlanta that night and played a show with Timothy Walker ofThreadbare, Brother .  It was awesome! There is a video of us playing Bad Luck from that show up HERE!

Remedy coffee in Knoxville TN.  We played during an NA meeting.  It was really something.  There is a video from this show up HERE as well.

These are some great people we met at Remedy Coffee.  They were not attending the NA meeting, as far as we know...
Here we are in Nashville TN at "That's CooL"  it was pretty damn cool! 
We drove from Nashville TN to Ozark MO after our set.  We showed up around 3 a.m.  This is us eating some Spring Creek Tea Room.  The best restaurant in the World.  For real.
The Dallas Jones House show.  One of our favorite shows we have EVER played.  House shows are the Best.
Farmer's Market in Springfield MO
Copper Run Distillery in Walnut Shade ( a few minutes south of ozark, north of Branson, if you are familiar with that area).  This place is AMAZING.  Great drinks made with Great WHISKEY.  all made in the basement.  Hell YEAH.
The Bell House BBQ .  Lots of Family and Friends.  Always a great time!
Us playing at the Bell House BBQ
My Family! 
Some random Ginger...Just kidding, thats Kaitlin. She designed those new shirts and stickers we have!
Old Friends.  Great people!
That is us playing the BBQ .  That Banjo is a family Heirloom. It is amazing! 

Alright, so know everyone is in the LOOP.  I will do better with the last few days of this thing.  Be sure to check out all the new videos we have up HERE. Also, Follow us on Twitter HERE .  We are always tweeting from the road.  We tweet all sorts of shit.  Nonstop tweeters for life. tweet. tweet. 
Anyways, that is all for now!

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